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Smoke 51 Complaints & Reviews

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Smoke 51 - Texas, Fort Worth / stealing money from me

Well lets see, To start with before christmas everytime i went online there was an ad popping up.. SMOKELESS CIG. Smoke anywhere, try it for free. Just pay the shipping and handleing of 9.95 Smoke 51 sounded like a god send.. HA HA what a joke... I was so disapointed with the product.i took it out of the box { comes already charged } It would never charge.. well i made it through christmas, running outside to smoke...my fault i know...well then my credit card bill arrives... ok i see the 9.95 charged from smoke 51..on the 20th of dec. Then another charge of 89.95 from a company in hallandale fla...

Smoke 51 / scam

Iam another person that smoke 51 is trying to scam I guess. Her is a few people that have been emailing me saying I ordered something else from them when I ordered the starter kit. Try emailing andrea@smoke51 and see if you here from you and let us know what she says to you. i ordered the 9.95 staryter kit and they charged me $60.31. What I think needs to be done like other lawyers say on tv if you have taken this product and this happens to you call this firm, that is an advertisment that I see on tv and manymore are showing up on tv. I think it is about time and as I see it there is enough...

Smoke 51 - Florida, Pembroke Park / Fraud: info about parent company

My mother ordered this Smoke 51 contraption for my father for Christmas. Immediately I noticed that there were parts missing from her order. The manual was not included with the merchandise, so I went online to find it and printed it out. When I looked at the manual, I could see parts were missing. The product is defective. My mother has tried repeatedly to get customer service on the phone to no avail... finally she got through to someone she describes as having perhaps a 3rd grade education with screaming children in the background. My mother was told to send her product back for a refund...

Smoke 51 / customer service

Good morning! my name is Mia, i am with Smoke Anywhere USA /Smoke51 customer service. Today is 12/29/09 @ 3:53pm, I am here to give you excellent customer service. Please let me know how i can help you. Our customer service hours are from 9am – 5 pm et., please feel free to give us a call at 888-smoke51. For your reference the terms of service for our risk free trial are: VIP CLUB BENEFITS AND FEATURES By enrolling in our VIP club you are on the way to saving money each month. The average smoker spends over $150 per month on cigarettes. Our $29.95 membership will help cut you monthly...

Smoke 51 / Satisfaction Guaranteed

Good afternoon! my name is Keyah, i am with Smoke Anywhere USA /Smoke51 customer service. Today is December 21, 2009 @ 2:00pm I am here to give you excellent customer service. Please let me know how i can help you. Our customer service hours are from 9am – 5 pm et., please feel free to give us a call at 888-smoke51. For your reference the terms of service for our risk free trial are: VIP CLUB BENEFITS AND FEATURES By enrolling in our VIP club you are on the way to saving money each month. The average smoker spends over $150 per month on cigarettes. Our $29.95 membership will help cut...

Smoke 51 / gone

I did not do the trial, I just ordered the kit. Got it in a couple of days. Then I ordered filters a couple of times, each time getting them in 4-5 days. I was not charged anything other than what they said. But now, I can't log in, I can't order without logging in, and I can't get a new password. Also, customer service line is "not accepting calls". Looks like they're gone and I'm stuck with a now-worthless e-cig.

Smoke 51 - Florida / Internet Scam

I ordered over the internet a risk free sample of smoke 51 electronic cigarettes only having to pay the shipping charge of $9.95. What I received was 15 refill filters. My credit card was initially charged that amount on 9-28-2009. On 10-28-2009 my credit card was charged $89.95. On 10-30-2009 my credit card was charged $29.95. I did not authorize these last two charges. I did not receive any other merchandise other than the original shippment of filters. The telephone number 305-749-2676 does not allow any human interaction. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and my credit card company.

Smoke 51 / Unauthorized Charges

I have been caught up in the Smoke-51 scam and looking for any and all suggestions to keep them from continuing to charge me for products I have not ordered. I went on-line and purchased the $9.95 trial offer for shipping charges only and they have now charged me over $180.00 for products I did not order or authorize. This has become a nightmare and I have learned a valuable lesson from ordering anything on-line in the future.

Smoke 51 - Missouri, Mexico / fraud, no product but charged $239.80

tried to order on line but after my information was entered i was prompted with "no order found", like an idiot i entered my information again, once again i was prompted "no order found". i took this as a sign that i really didn't need to be ordering the product and forgot about the whole thing until i check my on-line banking... imagine my surprise when i found 2 charges for $29.95 & 2 more charges for $89.95 = $239.80. i called the phone number, no way to talk with a live person, emailed "cancel@smoke51.com" received an instant reply that i was to send the product back in order for them...

Smoke 51 / Actually Received Refund From These Scammers!

This very time, just one week ago, I was fuming with anger over being scammed by this company. Got charged $9.95 S & H, waited forever for my free trial product, received it on 10/30, was charged $89.95 on 10/31 and then $29.95 on 11/2. Same story as everyone else...emailed to cancel, received a blanket email with a return address but no return merchandise number, sent it back with a delivery confirmation anyways, tried calling every number I could get my hands on and only got recordings, filed a complaint with the BBB on 11/3, etc. Don't get me wrong...I am still extremely upset and am...

Smoke 51 / Cancelling

I ordered the free trial order and thought better of the idea and tried to cancel. There wasn't any contact information on the website. After digging for some way to contact them, I found an obscure e-mail address and tried to cancel through that. I received a standard response, stating that they recieved my e-mail and someone would read it (more or less) when they had the time and please don't send another e-mail because it would negate the first e-mail. In the meantime, I received my FREE trial package and the funds were withdrawn from my checking account. There was a toll-free...

Smoke 51 - Florida / No customer service

I have found thier customer service line and address for any interested (the others posted here are not correct). Smoke 51 3101 W. Hallandale Blvd. Suite 100 Hallandale, FL, 33009 Customer Service: 888-SMOKE51 (766-5351) *The number is funky. I had to dial several times before I could get it to actually ring through. I was on hold for 10 minutes, but eventually got someone on the line. Albeit, not very professional.

Smoke 51 / Deception

Like the rest of you, I too was duped by Smoke 51. My product arrived on October 26. One day later, I was charged for it, with another charge appearing 2 days later. THERE WAS NO FREE TRIAL, as advertised. I've done two things and would urge the rest of you to follow suit: Cancel your credit card and go online to BBB. BBB will guide you to their local office in Florida (home of Smoke 51). Fill out a complaint ASAP. Good luck.

Smoke 51 - North Carolina, Carolina Beach / Scam & Fraud

Ordered the trial kit and on same day of receiving it I tried to cancel the order/membership. I followed their instructions and emailed to email address provided on their website. No response. Sent another email, no response. Sent certified letter, canceling my order/membership. The USPS delivered the letter on 10/23/09 and the next day, 10/24/09 they charged my account $89.95. I challenged the charge with my bank and canceled my credit card, so Smoke 51 can not charge my account anymore. I am considering complain to the local DA Office as well as to Better Business Bureau. Copies of my emails and certified letter are available.

Smoke 51 / strange goings on

Ok, I posted my experience with smoke51 a bit ago and it has changed since. I initially responded to a smokers research study on craigslist leading me to order the "risk free trial". I should have known better but I won't go into the details of this. Never hearing back from this "study" and never getting my smoke51 I was a bit more than pissed. I decided to send another email to the research company with another email and name... today I got a reply with a different time/day for the study AND the trial this time is for another company... ---smart smoker--- now I am not sure what to make...


I ordered smoke 51 for free trial of 9.95 shipping. Saw I had just days to cancel. emailed on the second day after recieving to cancel never heard back until 3 days saying I needed an RMA number and they needed my full name. emailed every day for 5 and did their online to cancel. It states if you send 2 emails it puts you at bottom of list. Still no RMA number and no more responses. They have within 2 weeks charged me an 89.95 fee for a membership and a 29.95 fee for I have no idea what. I am going to my bank to start process to protect any other debits.

Smoke 51 - Illinois, Godfrey / bogus company

I have been reading through the complaints on here. They took over $100 out of my bank account. I did not agree to this. I wanted to try their product and agreed to pay for that sampling. They have wiped out my account causing me serious problems. I am a Senior Citizen on a fixed income. I tried all the numbers including the one listed on this site. I only got a recording on two of the numbers and the last number was disconnected. I want my money back from this company.

Smoke 51 - Florida, Miami / Scam, no way to reach company

Smoke 51 advertised a 7 day free trial. Just pay 14. 95 for shipping and handling, , , , , , , , and if you are not satisfied with thier product, simply e - mail them for rma #. Yeah right!!! On september 18 i ordered smoke 51. They charged my card 14. 95. On oct 3rd. I recieved the package and that smae day they charged my card 89. 95!!! No free trial here!!! Then on oct 6th, they charged me 29. 95 more!!! I have e - mailed them several times only to be ignored. There is no number i can find to get a human on the phone. They have posted fake news broadcasts on youtube and other sites to...

Smoke 51 - Florida / Scam, Fake and a theif

They took the original $9.95 and then $89.95 and $29.95 so I had to cancell my card, but not before they got the $89.95 but as of right now not the $29.95. I now see how people get rich as they have fake products and no working phone numbers to talk to a human all computerized, NO HUMAN interaction no matter how hard you try. THIS IS A SCAM! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! You will get a fake cigarette that looks like a toy in a not so fancy box that is hardly worth $2 and that is for the box!!!

Smoke 51 - Florida / Poor company policy

I would not recommend Smoke 51 to anyone. I as many others have been screwed. I accidentally entered my order information twice. Emailed them to confirm my order and to please cancel one of the orders. They emailed back that it was all set. Several days later I received my kit so I went on my bank site to see if they took the charge. To my surprise they charged me twice for the shipping charges. I immediately emailed them of their mistake and got no response. Sent another email the next again no response. I waited a couple more days and when I tried to go to the site got a message saying the...
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