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smj marketing Complaints & Reviews

smj marketing / Funds into account w/out permission and now harrassing calls


I have been called by All Pro Recovery by a gentleman named John Campbell. He proceeded to tell me that I had a payday loan which was deposited into my account a few mos back. I have no record of agreement or any number to get a hold of these people. John Campbell proceed to tell me he was going to sue me personally and I was going to be taken to court and sue for a lot of money. I tried to explain that I need to a number, address, or email contact to get ahold of SMJ Marketing and he told me he will not give me that information. They have called and harrassed my family, friends, and my work...

smj marketing - Tennessee / deposited money in my account, don't know why?


i was doing some searching for a short term payday loan, or a credit building personal loan. however, everywhere i went would not help me because i am not employed. this was a week ago. today i find $300 in my account, with no record of its origin except smj marketing. i mever agreed to any loan terms, and when i try to find out info about this place i.e.payback, etc., i am hit with 5-6 different websites all listed under smj marketing. how am i supposed to clear this up if i can't find them?