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Smith Family Homes Complaints & Reviews

Smith Family Homes - Florida, Odessa / Chinese Drywall


We too have a Smith Family Home that is riddled with Chinese Drywall. We had to move out 90 days after we bought it! It's my opion that they knew it had been built with it all along and did not disclose it! They may get out of paying for their wrongs here on earth, but some day each of them is going to have to pay up with the BIG GUY!!!

Smith Family Homes - Florida, Tampa / Problems and complaints with Smith Family Homes of Tampa


This is Marcus Smith, Vice President and executive in charge of our Home Care Team (warranty.) This may sound like a canned response to some, but it is indeed a sincere opinion and response to these complaints. First, for 10 years now we have strived to always be the best homebuilder we could possibly be. A home is not always perfect, in fact it is one of the lat things on earth that is still hand-made! Nevertheless, we stand on the foundation of Quality, Integrity, and Excellence and do the best we can. Unfortunately, these complaints come from one buyer in particular, who does not...