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SmartPost Complaints & Reviews

SmartPost / Bad service


I have two packages ship out from the Express store at the same time. One was delivered about a week & a half ago & the other on is still @ my local post office where their trackin meassage tells me to wait about 2-3 days before delivery...well that was on 23 January & my stuff still hasnt been delivered. This is freakin insanity. USPS delivers mail to my house everyday so it's not like they are holdin until they have something to deliver my address so where the *** is my sh*t???????????? Im tryin to see if it will be delivered before I go up to my local office & sh*t bricks

SmartPost / Fraud and cheating


We had the same thing happen with Improvements catalog and SmartPost shipping. The first item they sent was defective, so they replaced it. We requested second day air. That would mean it should have been here four days ago. The tracking number for FEDEX does not work on the Fedex website because it is SmartPost, and the Improvements reps have given me several different answers. The last man I spoke with (in India?) told me it is now in West Virginia and was delayed by a hurricane. Hmmm, I don't remember a hurricane this week. But since only the shipper is able to track SmartPost package...