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Smart Shopper Savings Plan Complaints & Reviews

Smart Shopper Savings Plan / 30-day &free& trial


I do not even recall authorizing smart shopper savings plan to charge my credit card anything. I wish there was some way to make them credit that back to my card, but of course there is no refund policy. I am not too happy about paying money for nothing, and nothing is exactly what I got from this so-called service. They are sending me four 25 dollar cards, or vouchers, or some such mess that are "the same as cash", but can only be used at certain online stores. Items at these stores probably cost way more than 25 dollars. I can only get these cards after I fill out and send back the addre...

Smart Shopper Savings Plan - Arizona, Phoenix / did not order


I have tried to cancell this shopper club since Dec 1, 2008 and cannot find their ww address on the computer. I donot recall ever joining such a club and would like it cancelled and all money returned. Do you have any suggestions on how to get through to these rotten people. When I call the 800 number they are never open If these are not legit companys why are they allowed to do business on line