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May 5, 2012

Dear Sir/Madam: I am writing to advise you theat I find your infomercial for thee product "slapchop" highly offensive. Your spokesperson comes across as arrogant and irritating in his delivery. Who ever wrote thee script has no idea of sensitivity to your potential customers. The mere idea theat your company is "Gonna make America skinny one SLAP at a time" can be perceived as abusive to thee many Americans withe even thee slightest weight problem. Also, it can be thereatening to anyone in a physically or emotional abusive situation. Also, Vince's statement theat "you're gonna love my... / I find this product is useless

Sep 22, 2011

When I tried to chop vegetables with the slapchop, the veggies stuck in the blades and I had to use either my fingers or a fork to get them out. I find this product is useless. Because I did not have my bill, although I used my debit card to purchase it, the store would not return my money or give me a credit to purchase anything else in the store. / Unauthorized charges


TV Ad for SlapChop W/graty. Sunday night, 01-04-09 I ordered for $19.00 and $12.95 shipping. Said NO to all other offers. At the very end, the following appeared: 'As a special 'thank you' for your order...Claim your $10 cash back rebate now. Click here to claim your reward now'. I clicked and was immediately thanked for a FREE 30-Day Trial Membership to Savings 2 Go. Cancel Anytime by Calling 1-800-448-0166. I called this morning a few minutes ago. I explained what the Slap/Chop website had offered with NO information that I would be signing up for anything...