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Slap Chop Complaints & Reviews

Slap Chop / Useless!!!

Oct 7, 2011

I purchased the Slap Chop yesterday and today is already in the Rubbish bin, The Slap Chop is a nightmare to clean unlike the ads suggest, once you open it you cant put it back together, you waste more than 50% of what you are choping.It takes twice as much time to use it than a normal choping knife. The graty thing that comes with it is just as bad as it is only designed to grate hard cheese.and again you will get loads of smal bits of cheese that you cant use...more far the worst thing that I ever bought for kitchen usage. Dont wish anyone to buy it and then regret it like I did.

Slap Chop - Ontario / High Shipping and Handling


$60.00 S&H and Unauthorized Charges. I bought a Slap Chop which I was outrageously overcharged for shipping...and then to my surprise Vacationsavers and BargainLink charges started showing up on my Mastercard statement. The first ones to go through were $1.95 and $1.96... When I called Mastercard, they said they charged my account again, each company $19.95. The scam started at Slap Chop website... when the online purchase was completed a screen came up saying click on this link and get a $20.00 gift card for gas and a $70.00 gift card from Canadian Tire. I assume that is how they lifted my...

Slap Chop / Unauthorized bank charges


I ordered this product (Slap Chop) from their website after seeing an infomercial on television. Love the product and use it a lot, however...30 days after I ordered it, began seeing unauthorized charges on my bank statement for $14.95 as membership fees to a service called Easy Saver. After Googling Easy Saver I found this web site and hundreds of complaints regarding the same thing after ordering from I contacted Easy Saver and they were more than helpful in ratifying this error and I did get the charges on my account refunded. Buyers beware.

Slap Chop / Unauthorized billing


Just order the 'slap chop' as seen on a tv commercial. when to their web site followed the prompts. From what I can tell (as it doesn't show in the shipping and handling area the cost) they just charged me $12.95 for S&H for their $19.95 food hand choper. It was never shown to me, only until I saw the confirmation order sent to my email address. WOW! was my expression when I saw what I was charged. I have order similar things of its size, say through amazon...ect, where I have been charged 1/2 of what they are charging me here for this order. I am going to call...