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Site for Sore Eyes Complaints & Reviews

Site for Sore Eyes - California, Berkeley / Bait/ Switch & Poor Service

Jun 7, 2011

On 5/13/11, I was told I had to pre paid for a contact lens eye exam ($99.00) and purchase contact lens ($164.00)(sale # 36117) first which I did by credit card in order to receive the service. However, I did not get what I paid for because during my eye exam the DR said I had an eye condition that could only be cleared up with a prescribed medication. On my first visit I was supposed to receive my paper prescriptions for eye glasses and contact lens which I paid for and a trial pair of contact lens until the lens that I also pre paid for arrived. I received none of that because the DR...

Site for Sore Eyes - California, Cupertino / Misleading Salespersons


My experience with them was terrible. I was misinformed about the product I was receiving and when I realized what had happened shortly after signing on the dotted line they essentially laughed in my face and pointed out their no cancellation clause. I was told that because I didn't have what they'd said earlier in writing I had no legal recourse. To top it all off they charged me some additional undocumented bogus $50 fee before they'd give me my glasses. Their attitude was unprofessional and dishonest. I'm not the only one who's had trouble with this franchise. Check the Better Business Bureau website for more info on these guys.