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Simon Hildyard Complaints & Reviews

Simon Hildyard / the truth

Mar 03, 2014

For all those who submitted their "complaints" regarding Simon Hildyard : it is easy to anonymously enter comments that are untrue on any website, because you don't like him or what he did. Not a single person is prepared to put their full name on these allegations. Simon is a licensed paralegal and The Law Society is the appropriate place to file your complaints and obtain their response and decision. If your complaint is valid, The Law Society punishes the lawyer or the paralegal. So why not start there first. Yet many choose to hide behind Internet. You are legally responsible for the...

Simon Hildyard - Ontario, Ajax / Dishonesty

Jul 05, 2013

I hired Simon a month ago as a tenant. I gave him a large amount of money as deposit. He promised will sent the contract by email, but never happened. Also kept posponing a meeting with me to this day. Whenever a meeting was scheduled, instead on calling he sends text messages, with all kinds of excuses, mostly family matters. And the postponing is from morning to the afternoon, to the next day and so on. I do not know his professional skills, but he does not act professional and I have a text lately stating that I should cease any threats, comments, etc. as the balance of funds (so he will deduct money for no work done)... Please, think twice before you hire someone like him.

Simon Hildyard - Ontario, Toronto / Simon Hildyard

Aug 06, 2012

SIMON HILDYARD. This many ripped me off, lied to me every step of the way, charged me for doing 3 months worth of work when I proved that he only spent less than 24 hours on my file. I file was delivered to my home by the defendant because they said that I don't have a lawyer, I told them that I did have one and he said that he called you (the defendants lawyers) to let you know so you can send him (Simon) all the case work. The defendants sent the file to my home because Simon lied. He never contacted the defendants lawyers, they never knew of him at all. I sent the file to him overnight...