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Silkies Enriche Complaints & Reviews

Silkies Enriche - Quebec, quebec / produits charges sans ma commande


J'ai recu une facture au montant de $20.95 pour des produits que je n'ai jamais commandé. Je leur ai téléphoner pour les aviser de leur erreur et ils ne veulent rien savoir. Ils disent que je dois leur retourner les produits en payant le retour (mais je n'ai jamais eu et demandé de leurs produits) et qu'alors ils vont pouvoir annuler ma facture. Je suis rendu a deux avis de comptes en souffrance et pourtant je leur avais bien dit de se les mettre ou je pensais leur facture et que je ne voulais pas que mon crédit soit affecté avec de...

Silkies Enriche - Scotland, Strathclyde, Glasgow / intimidation for non payment of items neither ordered nor received


in 2008 I received unsolicited samples of Silkies Enriche ( still unopened). since then I have lost count of the number of requests for £13.98 in payment of cream I have supposedly ordered and received. I can actually remember looking at the size of the tube, the cost, and rejecting any idea of ordering such an item. I have written twice to the company telling them that I don't use, haven't used or ordered this product. their latest letter is threatening some form of action against me, and I take this to be nothing but intimidation. when I order an item through the post, I...

Silkies Enriche - England, Merseyside, Liverpool / unordered product


On the 10th July, 2008 I received in the post unordered product from Silkies Enriche and a payment slip for item 25ml. anti-ageing moisture price £11.99 anti-wrinkle eyestick FREE Postage and packing £1.99 Total £13.98 PAYMENT DUE 26/07/2008 I have read that this company has had many complaints for sending and wanting payment for unorderd products. I HAVE NO INTENTION IN PAYING FOR UNORDERD PRODUCTS.

Silkies Enriche - California, Homeland / Received product not ordered


I received one package from silkies Enriche and opened it because it said "Free gift enclosed" on the outside of the package. It had a tiny container of face cream in it with an invoice for 19.99. I paid it and wrote on the invoice to remove my name and address from all mailing lists. While I was away for a few days another package from Silkies Enriche arrived. I am returning it unopened 3-23-08 to the address on the package "Silkies Enriche, Po Box 34369, Lancaster, SC 29722. I would like someone to launch an investigation into this company since I see many complaints and scams they have pulled on other people. Sincerely, Polly Parker [email protected]

Silkies Enriche / Deceptive trade practices


Hi Guys I am at the moment contacting the trading standards office, as I too have received a tube of moisturizer/free eye stick from this company, which I certainly DID NOT order, complete with invoice for 13.98. I originally had a free sample of this product a couple of months back, but didn't like it, so I certainly would not have ordered anymore. How is it that this company can then send out an item, not ordered, and demand payment. Have you tried contacting them, the so called Customer Service line 0870 043 4885, is never answered, there is another number 0870-043-4295 which is for their hosiery...