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ShopNBC - Virginia / Harrassing telephone calls

Disgusted shopper on Jun 5, 2012
I get many calls from shopnbc and they do not leave a message.  Have answered the calls and it is shopnbc doing the constant HARRASSING from many many different telephone numbers. Evidently when  my credit card co sent me a new card because they said it had been compromised, i got behind with my payments.  Shopnbc waited two months to call me and advise me of this.  After their first call upon notification, i went online and updated my account with new cc info thinking this would take care of this.  They still kept calling and said they needed my cc info over the...

ShopNBC - Texas / terrible customer service

doglovr71 on Oct 24, 2011
I don't know how shopnbc stays in business! Isn't this a recession? Don't businesses want to have repeat customers? Apparently ShopNBC is swimming in money and doesn't need repeat customers because the customer service people are rude and unhelpful. And if you ever have to call the billing department, keep your blood pressure pills handy. They are TERRIBLE! I had a problem with a credit card. They don't contact you first, but they start calling and starts harassing you by calling again and again. I had to wait until my husband came home with the credit card I used...

ShopNBC / Customer Service

starchaser on Jul 1, 2011
ShopNBC customer service sucks! I have shopped on this Web site in the past but it has been a couple of years ago. On 06/30/2011 I spent a couple of hours picking out certain items and putting them in the shopping cart. When I went to add the last item I could not and was directed to checkout. When I tried to check out I could not and was directed to call customer service. That was at 6:12 pm pdt. I called and the department was closed. I called on 07/01/11 at 3:35 pm pdt and was told that I would have to be directed to the "credit department" and of course they were closed. I have never had...

ShopNBC / Refused to cancel my order

DMusicLady on May 11, 2011
I placed my order online at a few minutes to 1 AM EST this morning. Tried to cancel the order online, there was NO button to cancel the order. Called at 9 AM EST and was told that my order "was already in the shipping process"! (In the middle of the night?) Did some online research this afternoon and found that consumers are legally allowed a "cooling off" period of 7 days. I emailed ShopNBC customer and demanded that they cancel my order immediately. I got their standard customer service email stating that they will respond "within 72 hours". Called again, got another customer service rep...

ShopNBC / Denied Purchase

elkhornss on Apr 3, 2011
I was drawn to ShopNBC because of their advertised Value Pay (monthly) for a $1000 watch. Completed the transaction and a couple of hours later, received an automated email advising that their credit department denied Value Pay, but that I could pay for it all now and it would be good. Not for me; this concerned me because I have near perfect credit (hovering just below 900) and thought that someone had accessed my credit without my knowledge thus harming my credit and my name. I called SNBC and could not talk to anybody who could answer any questions other than I would receive a letter in a...

ShopNBC - Washington, Tacoma / Extortion

A Dykstra on Mar 4, 2011
About a month ago, I made my first purchase at ShopNBC. It was an Ipad gizmo and a cable. When it arrived, I determined it wasn't what I thought it was and began the faulty ShopNBC return process. First, I tried to locate on the customer page some way to contact electronically the vendor to let them know I was initiating a return. This site functionality didn't exist. Next I called the customer service line and was provided return instructions. I asked for an ROA, I was told none was necessary. I just needed to ship my items back using FedX. The instructions called for removing the...

ShopNBC / Beware

Tito on Jan 10, 2011
Over charged my credit card by 1000.00 called to have it corrected or cancel was told they couldn't has not even been 24 hrs ordered. the order isn't expected until 1/17/11. Theit error and I sitting here 1000.00 short until they feel like returning my money. The order has not shipped. Beware scam to over charge buyers. Don't use this conpany. I was hung on my Brandon Davis in Ky.

ShopNBC - Illinois, Naperville / TV Package Deal

Ordered 65" Mitsubishi TV w/stand on 6/12/10. TV was shipped out on 6/18/10 and delivered by AIT on 6/23/10. TV was delivered damaged. I called customer service and they said to box it back up and return only TV to them, keep stand and box of cables, and they would replace TV. Damaged TV was picked up by AIT on 7/1/10 and returned to ShopNBC. They received TV on 7/9/10. I had email contact w/customer service on serveral occasions checking on the status of the delivery of new TV. Always keep saying wait 3-5 days. Now today, 7/20/10, they tell me they have no TV available to replace the old one...

ShopNBC / Treats customers like dirt

Had a product on value pay (extended monthly payments). Then the card I put it on was lost so I called the bank and the account was closed. I didn't remember this was the card I used months before with ShopNBC. So I get a letter dated Feb. 15 asking me to call their reauthorization dept. I called and got put on hold, hung up on. They don't work on weekends either. So I finally got through to them and gave the person my new cc number for the remaining payments. Two days later I get a call from a collection agency demanding payment. So ShopNBC sends a letter on Feb. 15 (with no mention...

ShopNBC / Bait and switch

On 12/06/09 I purchased the Invicta Men's Subaqua Noma III Ocean Quest Watch w/ Interchangeable Strap & Bracelet Set. the host said it was easy to change the straps and to carefully put in the pins.I put all straps on except the leather strap and when I started to put leather strap on it was difficult to put on and started screwing it in and it stripped.I turned it counter clockwise till i felt the click then turned it to clockwise and it some how stripped. ok so i called customer service on 12/13/09 and explained what happened to the cs agent she said ok fine you can send it back and...

ShopNBC / Too risky

I ordered a necklace from SHOP NBC...When my delivery came I opened the box only to find it empty. I immediately call the customer service department and was told within two days someone would call me and another neckalce would probably be here by then...Well five days later I called the customer service department and was told it was more like ten days and after the searched the warehouse I would be contacted by the fraud department and they would have me submit answers to some questions...I asked then am I quilty til proven innocent...there was no quality control sticker on my receipt and I...

ShopNBC / Do not stand behind their products

We ordered a 56' DLP Television from Shop NBC. It cost over $2300.00. They offered no extended warranty after the 1 year manufacturers warranty - which did us no good as Vivitek wouldn't honor it since we actually purchased from Shop NBC? We found out after we purchased it that we could find NO ONE to offer us an extended warranty ion it - not even Sears - which lets me add all appliances and electronics to my extended warranty plan. The 'lamp/bulb' only lasts a year if that and it cost $200 to replace. Shop NBC could care less - won't assist in helping you to reach...

ShopNBC / Fraud and cheating

Please for all of you smart people that search the web to find out about ripoffs and scams before doing business with any web company I will give you one to look out for beware of SHOP NBC. I gotta be honest, before purchasing something from them I came here and found a lot of stuff but I went for it. Yes, the deal was attractive a Technomarine Watch with 3 extra bracelets for just $450, a bargain! Well bargain indeed, these were all the wrong things with this deal: 1) The watch box was not complete. 2) The screwdriver for changing bands was not in the box where it's supposed to be with...

ShopNBC - North Carolina / Business Practices

There are hundreds of complaints on the Internet about ShopNBC yet they continue to do business. I recently purchased a watch with a rubber strap and had a serious allergic reaction to it the first day I wore it. I immediately called them and said I was sending it back. So I mailed it with the pre-printed return label they provided. Three weeks later, and six calls, they say they have no knowledge of the watch because the pre-paid label sent it back directly to the vendor, Swiss Watch International, not back to them. In one of my many frustrating calls, I told them I bought the watch from...

ShopNBC / Credit Card

ShopNBC charged me the total ($1500) for a fur/wool scarf that I inquired about on flex-pay. Because of prior problems with ShopNBC (order entry and credit card departments), I called to make sure item was not ordered. 10 days later $1500 apx. was taken out of my checking account and they mailed the scarf. This happened while I was out of town. ShopNBC is a terrible company and even if you return merchandise with insurance and tracking, you'll have to fight to get your money back. Stay away! Very terrible company.

ShopNBC / Awful everything

We bought a Intel-Celeron laptop from ShopNBC in Oct 2006 to use when on vacation and after maybe 30 hours of use it died. We took it to a repairman and learned that the computer have insufficient cooling and it burned out the processor. ShopNBC of course feels they should not be held responsible and they informed us they don't even use that manufacturer anymore and are aware that there were problems. Also there was absolutely no customer support from the manufacturer you couldn't ever reach anyone. We are out $1200 and I used to recommend ShopNBC to friends but never will again... I...

ShopNBC - Ohio, Solon / Nasty Customer Treatment

Purchased items from ShopNBC on a 5 payment plan. I entered a credit card, which I did not realize would expire mid-way through making the 5 payments. Yes, I got a new expiration date later, but there was nothing to remind me to go back to ShopNBC and update the new expiration date. ShopNBC began calling my home every hour on the hour all day long for a $17 payment. I was at work and never heard these calls. My husband happened to be home one day and answered the call and the person from ShopNBC proceeded to tell him all the details of my account, including my balance and that they were going...

ShopNBC / Terrible experience

After 4 or 5 months of occasional usage, a 37' Protron HDTV I purchased thru ShopNBC started smoking from back. ShopNBC officials refused any refund on this item even though they touted it on their network and sold, I'm sure, thousands of these shoddy items. No one will repair them, no parts are available for them, and still Shop NBC refuses to acknowledge their responsibility to the buyers. I´d like to hear from others in my boat and hear their experiences with ShopNBC and know if there is any venue for redress of this fraud.

ShopNBC / My horror story

Part 1: They said they would delivery to my door...but the driver from Yellow Freight hired by ShopNBC in his 18 wheeler said I had to take it off the truck myself (I won’t even talk about this 2 day wait in my house for delivery), I could barely see up into the truck and I am a 50yr old female. Not in good enough shape to take a 65" TV off the truck. Lucky for me my wonderful neighbours stepped in and took it off the truck and pushed it into my garage… (FYI: I did send an email complaining, NO REPLY)…I thought okay my husband and son can carry it into the house after work...

ShopNBC - Minnesota, Eden Prairie / Worse, then terrible customer service!

I had the singularly worst customer service I've ever had with Shop NBC. I purchased a piece of jewelry with Value Pay. My credit card expired and I was called by a recording to give my personal credit card and number on the back of the card via recording. I refused to so so. I contacted Shop NBC customer service on a dozen occasions after that who said I owed no money and they did not know why I would be called. I continued to receive calls and finally discovered the Value Pay snafu. The company representing Shop NBC, CPC, or some such fly-by-night organization would never give any...
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