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Shoe Ocean Complaints & Reviews

Shoe Ocean - Texas / damaged item

Oct 2, 2012

I ordered a pair of red heels from Shoe Ocean on 9-24-12. I paid $29.99 for them. When I received the item the right heel of the shoe had a big, black scuff on it and also had a big, white glue-looking stain on it. I emailed the company and they emailed me back a return shipping address label but shipping wasn't paid for! So I took the item to the post office to return it and shipping cost me $13.65!! I emailed a copy of my post office receipt to Shoe Ocean asking that they reimburse me for the shipping and they said NO!! They said that they didn't have my Visa card so they...

Shoe Ocean / Rip Off


I order from shoe coean, and it was the biggest waste of money ever!! For a pair of boots that were 20 bucks ended up costing me over 50 bucks. I tried to exchange them out for the correct size. I was told to send them back even though it was pass the 30 days. It cost me 15 dollars to mail them back. I waited three weeks and when i received nothing. I call the company asking about the shoes. When i had the rudest lady yell at me, saying " yeah, i gots yo shoes, and i am not sending you the correct size, so you lose everything and we keep your money!" i losted it after that, i explained to her...

Shoe Ocean / Worse customer service ever


Origin of this company is unknown. Only information on the website is e-mail address for questions. I ordered my shoes on 27th of September. Now it is exactly month after and i still didn't get my shoes. I placed 2 orders via internet and clarified shipping costs. Company didn't provide any information about local taxes, which occured to be same high as the original price of the package. In current order there were 2 packages with 4 pairs of shoes in total, one package is elswhere but not in the local post office. Website says That you can refuse in 30 days after the order wa...