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Shimon Barbi Complaints & Reviews

Shimon Barbi / MONEY LAUNDERING - [protected] / [protected]

Jul 23, 2016

Shimon Barbi is a known money launderer active in Israel's diamond burse. He transfers funds for many diamond dealers from New York to Belgium to Israel and now also Hong Kong and Dubai. He uses his company S.E. Barbi as a front for the real business which is money laundering. He has never been convicted of a crime, but has been investigated several times most recently in 2013. He is a dangerous man, uses force if he has to. He is very well connected and has many people scared of him. He is a gangster and criminal and best to stay away from him.

Shimon Barbi / Extortion

Jun 20, 2016

Shimon Barbi has been one of Israel's largest money launders since the 1980's His dimond company S.E. Barbi Diamonds Ltd is just a front from the real business. He lets his brothers sit there while he operates the real family business which is laundering millions of dollars for diamond dealers from Asia to US to Dubai and Israel. He is a very dangerous person has killed people before in Belgium and is not to be played with. You can not cross him or you will be killed. He has guards and soldiers working for him and is very private. Be careful!