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Shapes Total Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Shapes Total Fitness - Florida, Bradenton / charges

Cindy Pachas on Aug 22, 2011

I had a membership to Shapes Fitness Center in Sarasota Florida and my contract was for one year to expire in April 2011, and I did not renew my membership due to moving out of the area. On 8/20/ 11 I discovered that Shapes had deducted 50 from my bank account. When I inquired about this obvious mistake I was told that there was a clause in my contract that states I must give Shapes a written notice to not automatically renew my contract with them... IN WRITTING. The $50 is non refundable, and I was told that to cancel I must submit the request to them 30 before the payment is due, meaning...

Shapes Total Fitness - Florida / Cancelation Issues

Tsteele on Jul 14, 2011

I have been a customer of Shapes Total Fitness for over a year now. For the last month I had been trying to assure the cancellation my gym membership, as I am moving to a location where that gym is not available. I have had a horrible time trying to assure this: I was originally miss instructed by the ladies at my gym, tried calling a different branch, and called your 1.888.50.shapes number all in order to try to confirm that my gym membership would be canceled when my contract was up in September. Finally I was told to send an email to [email protected] I sent 3 over the course...

Shapes Total Fitness - Florida, Brandon / Cleanliness and Club Enhancement chg

Brend Sarlous on Jun 22, 2011

Just received a $29.00 annual fee enhancemenet charge for the gym.. I was never told that they could charge more than the signed contract. I am member of the Shapes at Seminole. The ceiling of the workout area constantly is falling. The ceiling is full of mold since it has had a leak and falling the entire year that I have been a member. The members have had many bouts with bronchitis due to this atmosphere. The place is not clean and the floors are always dirty. THe staff is not friendly. There has been No enhancements so why are we being charged?? Mr. Jeff Dotson needs to visit this gym and...

Shapes Total Fitness / Fraud

Cres83 on Apr 26, 2011

My credit card was stolen and I forgot to switch over my account with Shapes. Since I pay for both my daughter and myself, they are charging me a $28 fee for being declined for both. No other company did this to me. I had forgotten to also switch my Busch Gardens card. Busch Gardens didn't charge me a penny! I asked the girl if I could speak with her manager and she told me that she didn't have one, that the next person would be the owner and he does not talk to anyone. How funny is that, he'll take my money but won't dare speak with me. Also, I have only used the gym once...

Shapes Total Fitness / Rude employee

Teanna on Jan 9, 2011

Lost my job and husband, got behind on payments to Shapes. Always answer the phone when they call and make payments as I have money. Received a call from "A" in the Tampa office stating that I better have legal representation call them, they are putting my account against my SS# and taking me to court over less than $300 owed. Told her when I get my income tax I would pay in full, she said it wasn't good enough and not her problem, they are SUEING me. Was EXTREMELY rude and confrontational like I personally owed her money. Understand I'm behind but not like I'm dodging them

Shapes Total Fitness / Bad service

I needed to cancel my membership at Shapes due to a relocation. My Husband serves our country. I asked prior to signing if we needed to move because Uncle Sam said so, would that be an issue. I was told that it would not be. When that time came a 1 1/2 years later I submitted the information to show we relocated. I was told that I would still have to pay a fee even though there was no gym in my area. We relocated from Florida to California. We tried speaking to a corporate manager and were treated rudely. If you choose to go to Shapes, know that even if you have to relocate, regardless of reason, you will have to pay an expensive fee.

Shapes Total Fitness / Stay away

I recently went to the Shapes on Missouri Ave. I would suggest to anyone DON'T LEAVE YOUR KIDS THERE!! That was the dirtiest place I have seen in any day care. The swings, walkers and toys for babies were so disgusting they would have been shut down if the Health Dept. investigated it. I am telling you not a little dirt everything was black with mud and dirt HORRIBLE. I will not be suprised to see Shapes in the news or a lawsuit because if this. Trust me don't take your kids there EVER if you love them!!

Shapes Total Fitness / Awful service


SHAPES FITNESS ***!! I went there today (St. Pete, Florida) with $500 in my pocket. I had talked to a rep yesterday via phone. She seemed cool enough. I am a brass tacks kind of girl. I want to know how much it costs and what they have to offer. I made an appointment with the Asst. Manager for the next day. I arrived at the Shapes location twenty minutes early. I told them of my "appointment'. Well, the AM was out sick. Instead, I got some very strange girl who was obviously trained too aggressively on "SALE STRATEGIES". She was moving her head all around in a weird way, trying to make...

Shapes Total Fitness / Stay away!


I joined Shapes (Apollo Acceptance) over a year ago. My marriage and life has since gone bad. I moved from FL to WV. I notified Shapes of the move in Nov 2008 and cancelled my membership. I filled out the forms they sent me and documented my move. I am still getting bills from them. (3 months now and counting!) They call me several times a day. They call my soon to be ex husband several times a day. They tell him I have done nothing with my membership and owe them nearly $700. That's amazing. I guess simple Math is not a in the job description! They (Elisha and Tangela) tracked down my...

Shapes Total Fitness - Florida / Beware if relocating

They neglect to tell you that their refund period starts when they receive your proofs, not the date your proofs refer to as your relocation date. Also, they take $75 off the top as a penalty for cancelling the contract. So I lost about $140 by signing up; my relocation occurred faster than I thought. BEWARE! BEWARE! Their managers will not tell you this info--I had to find it out the hard way. I reported them to BBB, but they refused to deal with me to make me a satisfied former customer.

Shapes Total Fitness - Florida, Tampa / Cancellation procedures


I canceled in the same gym I first joined under your comfort plan; I went the amount of times I needed to go. I have all my documents and I will contact my attorney how dare you try to send me to a credit company for non-payment! I quite and I never ever want me or any one I know to go through the nightmare you people are putting me through, no person should have to go through this I am going to my space and I will do every thing I can to make sure that all your promotions are a scam I am also calling the better business bureau to report your company I also have inquired and I see that you...

Shapes Total Fitness / They are totally evil


My wife and I recently move to Louisiana from Florida where my wife had a membership to Shapes Total Fitness. Before we left Shapes told us that we would be able to transfer her membership to an affiliate club in the town we were moving to. However when we got here and went to that club we were told that it was no longer an affiliate club. So shapes continued to charge us even though there was no affiliate club for us to change to. So they told us we owed them about $180. Now we just received a letter saying we owe them about $700 because we broke the contract and if we don’t pay they...