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Setanta sports Complaints & Reviews

Setanta sports - New South Wales / cancellation

Aug 2, 2012

I contacted Setanta sports to cancel my sports channel. They told me to go to their site and read the cancellation policy as they wanted me to pay an extra months subscription I did this and I believe the terms and conditions are deliberately written in such a way as to mislead the reader of such. No where does it say that you have to give 30 days notice of cancellation or they charge you an extra month. But that was the advice their customer service gave me. I believe this to be a deliberate scam.

Setanta sports / scam

Apr 21, 2011

I subscribed to Setanta Sports, over the internet, on a month-to-month contract on the day of the FA Cup semi-final to watch the game. Minimum two months would cost me $43. Great! And the right result too! Called Setanta the next day to arranged the cancellation. The agent told me to wait until the last day of the first month of the subscription, then call and do it. (No mention of a registered letter, which I now understand from the mole is the only way to make sure it will be done). I told him I wanted to settle then and there, he said "This isn't the way it's normally done" and...

Setanta sports / cancellation problems


I set up a monthly subscription with Setanta sports in mid 2008 but decided to cancel pretty soon after as I did not use the services enough to merit the amount spent on it each month. I rang the customer services September 2008 and requested cancellation. They informed me that I would have to provide my wish to cancel in writing via letter or e-mail, and that contact details for both were on the website. I proceeded to write a cancelation email and sent it to the address listed on the website but discovered a couple of months later that they were continuing to charge a monthly fee and taking...

Setanta sports / Fraud?


I was round my daughters house in September (Monday 15th) and wanted to watch a football match on Setanta. I have Setanta at my own house, but as we were having a meal, I didn't want to spoil the night by rushing off to get home to watch the match, so I asked her to subscribe for one month at £12.99 as advertised on the TV (as long as her TV could be switched on in time to watch the match). She phoned Setanta, they assured her we would get the signal in time, so I gave her my bank card for them to take payment. She explained that we only wanted to watch the match that night, to...

Setanta sports / No response


Setanta sports have been fraudulently using my Visa card, I have Emailed setanta many many times -over the last two months to Cancel the service, and they have not had the decency to reply at all, you get an electronic message - telling you that they will get back to you within five days BUT THEY DO NOT REPLY AT ALL, SETANTA have also refused to acknowledge letters that have been sent, and i have had to put up with the height of abuse over the telephone, In the meantime setanta are fraudulently using my visa - against my wishes - and that is a criminal offense, I warned my visa company over...