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Serra Chevrolet Complaints & Reviews

Serra Chevrolet - Tennessee, Madison / Car is a piece of junk

Aug 21, 2016

i took my car to the dealer after just shutting off when you are trying to turn.. I had only had my 2013 chevy malibu lt for a year..They had my car all day for them to tell me everything was ok with the car..So i made them give me paperwork with everything i stated the was doing which was ...You would be driving and get ready to turn and all the power would just shut off making it impossible to turn the wheel..This almost caused two wrecks..So now i have taken my car up their a total of 10 times this year..I have fixed everything they said was wrong up to this point. Still the car has a mind of its own..No offense to anyone but i have a chevy body with a dodge engine...Nothing but problems with this car..

Serra Chevrolet / Unprofessional approach and a rip-off


On 07/08/08 I had my Chevy S-10 truck inspected and repaired because of "check engine" amber light on at the dashboard, no other symptoms noticed. Because “nobody knows your GM vehicle better than Goodwrench”, I decided to have my car repaired by Serra Chevrolet Goodwrench, 7850 Highway 64, Bartlett, TN 38133, Ph: 901-382-5644. The car was repaired, total invoice being $964.36. However, days later, I’ve got the same "check engine" amber light on at the dashboard. After two days in the shop, the car was released, the gas cap seal has been replaced. Questions: -was it...