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Sensible Home Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Sensible Home Warranty - Nevada, Sparks / Unreliable company

Jul 10, 2013

I am an investor and I subcribed a few home warranties with Sensible. This is the worst decision I made. This company is not reliable. They do not provide the right service. When complaining they do not answer your messages. BBB reviews rates this company with a D-. See This is the worst rating among home warranty companies. Do not buy home warranty with Sensible

Sensible Home Warranty - Nevada / Not refund prepaid premium on cancellation

Jan 31, 2013

I bought two home warranty insurance policies (one for a property in Las Vegas) from Sensible Home Warranty and prepaid 2 years of premium up front in 09/2012. However, the policy didn't cover the repair cost so I initiated the contact to cancel the policies in Oct of 2012. Sensible at first played the tactic of promising to reimbuse my cost but then retracted. I asked them repeatedly to cancel my policies and send me written confirmation. I didn't get any written confirmation but was told the refund would show up on my credit card in 30 days. Now it's past 30 days and I...

Sensible Home Warranty - Maryland, Baltimore / Home Warranty Scam, Buyer Beware

May 10, 2012

This company is beyond terrible. I also switched from AHS and regret that decision. I filed a claim for a broken refrigerator. 8 days later a technician never showed, I called SHW over 40 times but only was able to speak to their "answering service" (a company who claims they have no authority over someone calling you back, they just pass messages). I called during their apparent "business hours" however Sensible Employees still did not answer the phone. I'd been hung up on 4 times while being "transferred", and no one called me back until I threatened to file a claim with the BBB. When...