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Scrubshopper Complaints & Reviews

Scrubshopper / Awful

Nov 7, 2011

It took almost 2 full weeks to get my order and then when it finally arrived, 2 of the items were missing, although they were listed as being in the box on the invoice. I emailed about the missing items and never heard back. I randomly received one of the missing items days later via the USPS, but never got the last item or a refund. In addition, if you need to return or exchange something, you have to pay to ship it back and then place a new order. Such bad service. Never again.

Scrubshopper / Worst online shopping experience ever!

Sep 22, 2011

I ordered 8 lab coats in September. A month later I contacted them to find out half was on back-order (they didn't contact me at all), we decided they would send the half they could fill. One piece was the wrong size. They promised to send me a slip to return that item and send me the rest of the order as well. That never happened. Short and simple: It is JANUARY (5 months later) and I still have only 4 of 8 items, 1 in the wrong size. And customer service is not answering the phone.

Scrubshopper - Michigan / Fakes/Knockoffs

Jul 11, 2011

I have been purchasing the same set of Landau scrubs for 7 years now the old fashioned way of walking into a mall and purchasing them. I thought I would save a few bucks and the gas and order from What a mistake. The order arrived timely enough but these are NOT real Landau scrubs. The size, material, fit, hang, EVERYTHING, is wrong. The labels are totally different than my real one. Do NOT use these people.

Scrubshopper / Poor customer service

Jun 16, 2011

I recently have made two purchases from scrubshopper . The first order took longer than was suppose to for delivery. I ordered a second time and convinced co-workers to order from them as well. It has been almost a month and have not received it. When I called customer service i was told they have had bad weather. My co-workers have not received their orders either and are disappointed that I told them to purchase from this company.

Scrubshopper / Horrible customer service


Ordered 11 complete scrub outfits; 5 with embroidered name. The website said "ships in 3-5 business days" for the non-embroidered and "add 7-10 days for embroidery" for embroidered items. I was expecting to receive no later than 2 weeks. So after 2 weeks I began calling to get the status of my order. Everytime I called I got a different answer; in short I was getting the runaround. After 2 weeks of getting 'non-information' on my order, I disputed the charge with my credit card. (What most people don't realize is that online and mail catalog order companies are not supposed to...