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Scriptlance Complaints & Reviews

Scriptlance / rip off escrow funds


I signed up to scriptlance and deposited $ 900 in Escrow thinking an Escrow payment meant if the programmer (nuked24) didn't complete the project, after two day he stop working on it because he said he did not want to do some of the work. I filed a dispute with Scriptlance and its been almost 20 days now and nothing. Also by the way the programmer lied and told Scriptlance he done with the project (a $900 project in two days) Can any one give me any advice? Here is the feed back I left him: Warring Nuke is a liar, cheat, thief. Avoid him like a plague. Google alkindia pvt. He stole my...

Scriptlance - Ontario, Toronto / scriptlance fraud


Dear Buyers and Sellers, Be aware of this website! They are nothing but scam and business ethics simply does not exist with them. Their support system is equally horrible. They simply don't listen to your query or just don't understand it. Here are the details: We are a service provider and we wanted to try script lance. We closed a project on BlackBerry, amount was around $800.00, buyer happily paid $400.00 from which scriptlance took $40.00 as their charge and remaining $360.00 got credited to our account. Whatever happened in between, we and buyer decided to cancel the project...