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I'll try to be transparent and true in my story. I bought the WRONG replacement screen for my laptop. I realized I ordered the wrong one and asked for an exchange. They offered to exchange. I noticed the part I needed was worth less than the one I bought, but since they didn't charge me for shipping the replacement to me, I considered it a wash. I paid the shipping to send them the part. We then spent the next two months with me having a technician take pictures of my original screen so they can make sure they sent me the proper replacement. They sent it and it was still wrong!... / Defective Products


I have an old Compaq in my basement with a bad inverter and recently decided that it would be useful to bring it back to use as a backup computer. I searched around for the part until I came across screenaid on eBay. They were supposedly a top rated seller and the part was only $9 so I decided to give it a try, the inverter showed within a few days but when I plugged it in the screen remained dark. I thought it may have been a bad bulb, but after plugging the old inverter back in I immediately got a brief light. I emailed screenaid about the defective product... I recently purchased an inverter... / Bad Product, DON'T BUY


I didn't get 1 or 2, but 3!! bad screens from them. The second screen actually came broken and the lady, Celery was her name, started getting mad because I wanted a new one. I thought surely they didn't give me 3 bad screens so I bought an inverter thinking that had to be the problem. Well I bought a screen from and it worked perfectly. I ended up paying $4o dollars more than I should have because I had to pay return shipping for the second screen AND bought a $25 inverter I didn't even need. That place is worthless, terrible website. - New York, New York /, ARE CROOKS, AVOID BUYING FROM THIS COMAPNY, SHIPS OUT FAULTY ITEMS AND DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS


NEVER EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, first - item did not work. Contacted them and they said, and I quote: "Please send the item back by regular usps . We will issue your refund after get the return." Sent item back. After a week contacted them about my refund and they simply replied, "I am so sorry that I can't help you to work out the matter." Now I am out a Screen and a refund. Worst customer service ever. When you call them they just say "Hello?" WTF? and then when I give them my order number they just hang up on me. Do yourself a favor and don't buy from them or as they... / Disaster


I ordered an lcd screen from them on the weekend. On Monday I tried calling to make sure it was in stock since I can't live without my laptop. No one ever answered the phone so I used the live chat on the website. I was informed they were lost in shipping and wouldn't be in for at least 6 days. They had 4 different screens for my laptop showing online, so I inquired about the others to see if they were in stock. They told me they only had one kind. That was nice since I paid for the high res and higher priced screen. So they canceled my order and said I would have a refund in 24-48... / Charged my credit card and did not ship the LCD I ordered


This bunch of scammers simply collected my credit card info and charged the card for the amount of $869.97 for no reason. I ordered laptop LCD from them and my order was for $99.99. Two weeks later I tried to contact them wondering where my LCD but they did not reply emails and they had answering machine on the phone posted on-line and there is no any other way to contact them. That is so frustrating, I lost two weeks and ended up calling to my bank to cancel the transaction and replace my card. Avoid this crooks!