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Scottsdale Healthcare Complaints & Reviews

Scottsdale Healthcare - Arizona, scottsdale / Hostile to employees (racist)


Scottsdale Healthcare Most Racist Hospital in the Valley. CEO TOM SADVARY Now here is an unfriendly and racist place to work. If you are a minority, gay or if they even think you may be kiss your career goodbye at Scottsdale Healthcare. They hire token minorities to full fill their mandates, then they turn on them like the vicious racist bottom feeders that they are. Potential minority employees better keep the ACLU and the EEOC on speed dial, your truly going to need it. I worked for the ###s and am shocked that these people can pay out claim after claim for discrimination with the EEOC and...

Scottsdale Healthcare / Terrible place to work in


Scottsdale Healthcare the worlds worst place to work ever. I worked in the security dept. where I was tortured on a daily basis called ### queer homo, black co workers were fired upon with racial slurs on a daily basis women were treated like crap and sued the hospital and won. Scottsdale Healthcare has a revolving door at the EEOC over 7 suits settled and more pending. All was reported to HR and ignored. The CEO Tom Sadvary is a complete tool, a woman was raped and the hospital tried to cover it up employees received convictions. The entire Security Dept is a complete joke this is an unsafe...

Scottsdale Healthcare - Arizona, Scottsdale / Awful place to work in


I completely agree this place is of the hook and loaded with bigots ! Never in my life have I seen such lowlife people. If your black watch out they will do everything but burn a cross in your lawn ! Or if they think you may be gay, female, Hispanic or any other race but white you won't work there long. They hire their tokens and them burn them at the steak. Hitler would be proud of these people ! I agree with the last poster the security is a complete joke and the managers are complete tools lock stock and barrel. I would not work for this company for 100.00 an hour they are the worst of...