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Scarlet Companions Complaints & Reviews

Scarlet Companions / Scam

Aug 12, 2011

Like other people, I signed up to this in hope of getting some extra cash to pay off debts. I was contacted numerous times a day by 'Emma', telling me I had to pay a registration fee before going out on my first job. I borrowed the money and paid it into their account. I phoned and emailed after doing so and have heard nothing from them in a few months. I hate myself for trusting them and have got myself into a lot of debt in believing them!

Scarlet Companions / I have tried calling scarlet companions to ask whats happening and i can not get hold of them

May 25, 2011

I was looking into becoming an companion, i found scarlet companions on google. i rung them and the said that they would love to represent me if i paid a £250 fee. my friend was also wanting to join that why the claim value as i paid for both registration fee (i have a recipt of this). they said that they found us a double booking a few days later so i paid the fee. after the money was cleared tey cancled the appointment. i have tried calling scarlet companions to ask whats happening and i can not get hold of them. i have reasched them after the event and found this has happened to a lot of women.

Scarlet Companions / I just got scammed and cheated

May 19, 2011

I sent my photos to this company via email and they said they would really like to work with me. They told me that there is a booking that week and that if i paid the registration fee of £250 I could take this booking and earn £500. After i paid the fee, they told me that the client would contact me before the booking and give me all the details of the booking. I never heard from the client, and when I tried to contact scarlet several times, they did not answer or return my calls. I never heard from the company again. I would just like my money back as I am a student and wa...