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Saxton Mortgage Complaints & Reviews

Saxton Mortgage - California, Gilroy / unfair lending


I have lived in my home for more than 24 yrs and now am forced to walk away from it it due to the unfair practice of Saxton Mortgage company. While going through a divorce I was approached my New Century to refinance my loan to buy out my husband's share. All negotiations were done via telephone and email. When the papers arrived for signing none of the agreed upon terms were in tact. When I questioned this the loan officer assured me it was all the lender would do at this time but as stated on page 31 that in two yrs time New Century would refinance my loan at no charge to me if I made...

Saxton Mortgage / Modification Approved then denied


I applied for mortgage modification in march. I sent them all required paperwork and proof of my husbands being layed off. I had not heard anything for a couple of weeks and so I called and inquired and was told that we were approved, the new payment specifics and that they were mailing me the information. After a week I had not received anything and called again. At this point I was told that I was denied because the original investor did not allow for modification!! The name they gave me was "Sasta" Which I can not find on any of my original documents. Now they say I can re-apply for a new...