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Saxon Mortage Complaints & Reviews

Saxon Mortage - Texas / Loan Modification Nightmare


Trying to get loan modification since the four months ago this year and have been experiencing total lack of concern in this company's mortgage firm. Saxon never replyed to the first package and after 60days was tole nothing was received. After faxing inforamtion the file is being closed every 7day interval which was unbeknown to me and was not stated anywhere. Different times were given by different compony representatives. The payment center computer service has blocked my account at times where I could not make a payment. All payer work sent by fax has been isolated under their 7day...

Saxon Mortage / short sale, 4 months waiting for rejected offer after verba acceptace by bank


I am trying to buy a house listed with a local real estate company, it was not listed as a short sale, however guess it actually is. Made orginial offer Jan 9, 2009, offered full asking price, offered to pay all closing cost, contingent on a home inspection. I received word from my realtor that the owner accepted, however we needed bank approval. Received verbal acceptance from the bank several days later, I did the home inspection at this time, and accepted condition as is and removed the contingency. Closing date was set for Feb 18, 2009, no bank acceptance by this time, so closing was reset...