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A fake company called and has been debiting $20.95 from my account for two years. They go under five different companies: Lsm-US.Pay.Com They take money out of bank accounts and apparently bought personal information because no purchases were ever made with these companies. It is a scam. The phone numbers listed for these so-called companies go right to "hold for customer service" 1-866 821-4925 1-866-920-1291 1-866-733-0577 1-866-920-1293 1-866-221-5391 My bank is investigating the "companies", but there has to be a way to stop this from happening to other people / Scam


This is a scam, I have a charge of $20.95 on my debit card account and I never heard of this company and I never signed up for anything from them. Sent emails and I get them back, no such address. This has been going on for 2 months and charging my account the $20.95. I plan to get a new card and account number or change banks. Somebody should be able to put these ### out of business. I cannot contact the to complain as there is no such company. What else can we do to get these crooks out of business? / Charge my account without authorization


I noticed a charge from drafted out of my account, this will be put on alert to my bank. I am very angry and cannot understand how they did this, when I tried to contact them, their number has been disconnected how convenient, everyone needs to be aware! I don’t know anything about the company, have NEVER talked to anyone, they show health care, prescription, eyeglass, etc. discounts on their webpage, which I only found AFTER seeing the bank charge. These people need to be investigated, I don’t know what else to do.