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save my home today Complaints & Reviews

save my home today - New York, Garden City / ripped off


I sent Tony Cano my paperwork the end of April 2009. Over the months I was never given any updates or e-mails from them letting me know how things were progressing. I would e-mail and not recieve an e-mail back for two weeks or told to e-mail the "processor" and he would not respond back either. talk about crappy customer service! when I would question things that I thought were fishy Tony would be quick to call or e-mail me back telling me my case was going good, etc. A month ago I actually recieved a request from them to send new financial info supposidly needed by my lender. To make a long...

save my home today / Mortgage Modification


AFG or save my hometoday, paid them $1000.00 upfront to assist me with a home modification, they never contacted the bank, I had a hard time contacting them also, I live in California unknown to me they closed there South California office. I have not heard from them since Irecieved a notice in the mail my bank has tried to contact them ( save my home and the Selig Law Group) there was No responce from either so call organization. I WANT MY Money BACK!!! What make me even more ticked off is I did research on line for weeks making sure this was a legit company, I checked the Better businee...