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Save Ace Complaints & Reviews

Save Ace - Nevada, Las Vegas / Unauthorized repeat debits from my Checking Account


I have had multiple unauthorized debits from my checking account over the past several months. I have contacted my Credit Union to try to get it stopped, but they say the only way they can stop these debits is for me to close, then open a new checking account. Personally, I find this unbelieveable! If I can place a "Stop Payment" on a check, why not an UNAUTHORIZED debit from my account? Any insight you can offer me to get these debits stopped would be appreciated. We need to stop these slimeballs from profiting off our accounts!<br /> Thank you.

Save Ace - Illinois, West Chicago / debiting money from my account without my authorization


What a bunch of crooks!!! how are these people allowed to do this? I noticed a charge for a MVQ*Saveace on my checking account It also had a number listed which is 888-593-5216. I called the number and it asks for a membership id # so at this point im wondering what is going on i never started a membership for a saveace for $24.95. I actually googled the name and came up with tons of complaints that matched what was going on with me exactly. I emailed adaptive marketing which i found out is there sister company they emailed me back and said they could not find me in the system and asked for...

Save Ace / FRAUD


SAVE ACE has been screwing me for months and i'm not even enjoying it!!! I was trying to figure out why i keep getting overdrafts @ bank... Then I noticed this co. SAVE ACE charging me 1995 a moth for what ????I have no clue... I have talked to bank, and reply I get IDUNNO. I have talked to others and I get I dunno. well It comes down to this, when I find out who SAVE ACE IS I am going to screw them and believe me They arn't going to enjoy the screw they get from me... I am starting to wonder what me and thees other peeps have in comin where SAVE ACE has gotten are account number...

Save Ace - Louisiana, Metairie / Fraudulent debiting bank account without authorization of card holder


Save Ace debited my bank account $24.99 on August 10, 2009. I did not nor ever would have authorized this debit. I called the number my bank has for them and finally after just waiting thru a lot of automated requests for either my membership number or the credit card number I used to join their service, I was connected to a real person. NOW GET This: the woman who answered must have caller ID because she told me that the account was in my wife's name, not mine. [Although her name is on the account I use, she has her own personal account and the account they debited contains only my...