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Satellite TV Complaints & Reviews

Satellite TV - Massachusetts, Weymouth / cancellation fees, buyout offer


Switched from Dish Network to Direct TV. Direct TV offered to buy out our contract and give us a better monthly rate. They contract buy out wold be no more than $200 dollars. We foolishly took advantage of their offer. Turns out buyout from Dish is $350. Direct TV can do nothing about it, and won't acknowledge the misrepresentation. Talked to six people over 45 minutes. No satisfaction, no explanation, no resolution. Just stuck with their lousy service for two years and paying an extra $150 instead of getting a great deal. They misrepresent, they lie, they cheat, they steal, and their 'customer service" is a nightmare. If there is a class action suit, I want to be part of it.

Satellite TV - Florida / Shady Bill collecting practices


If you ever pay your bill with a debit or credit card they keep the information even if you say you're making a one time payment. Then if you're late or your account is past due they take the money from the last card you used to pay your bill. So if you don't have the money in your account you will get an insufficient funds fee added to your account. I told them to suspend my account but they said it must be in writing and you can't have a balance on your account. But you're billed in advance so there's always a balance. So they'll keep it going for about 3...