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SaraPTC Complaints & Reviews

SaraPTC / Paid to click website

Oct 12, 2015

I have not been paid on september 28th for $148.28 and then another payment for $143.04 this website keeps changing their cash out amount and also they amount they take out the percentage referral rental is to high making it difficult to rerent referrals. The cash out first was unlimited and then it went to $50 which you do not get you get $44.00 and then it went $30 which you get $26. And the percentage went from 4% 5% and the 10% all this in one month. Not a good site at all to be in takes to long to get any money out waiting 10 days per pay out.

SaraPTC / Paid to click ads site

Oct 01, 2015

This site at first had no limit so i tried to cash out $309.00 and the admin told me i could only cash out $150.00 because they had spent money on their advertising and could not pay me. When i asked if the did that with all their people i got no answer. Now they raised the percentage they take from us to 10% and most sites only charge about 4 or 5% i do not know if they just do not know how to run a site but be careful in this site. I am getting out of it