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Sarah Hughes Complaints & Reviews

Sarah Hughes / plaza beach hotel, blackpool

Jul 30, 2017

I have a myriad of complaints, but I will start with the most problematic one: it is virtually impossible to get in touch with them. Before I even got there I had to phone up to check whether there were towels in the room. I couldn't get through for ages, either getting the engaged tone, or it ringing onto voicemail. I left a couple which were never returned. Eventually I got through and was told that they were answering the calls for four hotels, which seemed a bit odd to me. He said there were towels in the room, but there weren't, and we had to ask the "proprietor" for them. Anyway when we...

Sarah Hughes - Idaho / RIP OFF GRANT SCAM


In January of 2008, John Palmerson's assistant contacted me about a government grant program. We signed a contract and gave them $2, 000.00 toward the grant program. We never heard or saw them again. I am disgusted that they would scam so many people out of hard earned money. I am contacting my attorney and I am sueing the AZZ of this SCAM ARTIST AND HIS ASSOCIATES. BEWARE YOU DOGS, you're going to get what you have coming to you!!!