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Sarah Flauta Complaints & Reviews

Sarah Flauta - Colorado, Lafayette / Sarah Flauta Scam

Oct 11, 2012

/link removed/ "I am one of the many people who have been scammed by Sarah Flauta. She is a terrible person who has been lying to get people to trust her. She uses her children to gain sympathy from others. By doing so, she steals your money along with your personal information. The police are already investigating Sarah Flauta and it is believed that her parents, Tracy Grodsky-Dunn and Allen Grodsky, are also a part of the scam. Please post more information about these con artists. Thank you."

Sarah Flauta - Colorado, Lafayette / Welfare Fraud

Feb 28, 2012

This is to report someone for welfare fraud. Her name is Sarah Flauta, maiden name Sarah Megan Grodsky and DoB is August 29, 1986. She has lied to get welfare money from the government in the form of food stamps, and was found to have been spending the money on questionable purchases. It was also reported that she has been involved in other types of fraud including identity theft. This matter is being reported to the authorities. If you have any other information regarding this fraudulent criminal, please report them. Thank you for your cooperation.