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Santander Cards Complaints & Reviews

Santander Cards / Mis-selling


I am enquiring on behalf of my father, who is 55, not well educated, and has never had a credit card in his life. Somehow, the Abbey/Santander have issued him with one - they must have bamboozled him with info one day he was in the local branch and got him to sign on the dotted line. He cannot recall doing so and does not understand how a credit card operates. When it arrived in the post, he thought it was a new debit card for his bank account and proceeded to spend on it in shops and withdraw cash from it. He has now been charged missed payment fees and interest on the cash withdrawn. The...

Santander Cards / Unjustified Credit Card Limit Reduction


In the post this morning I received a letter reducing my credit limit on my ASDA card from £2500 to £200 When I asked Santander the reason they told me it was on information from a Credit reference Agency. I have always paid my debts on time have no mortgage on the houses I own and the credit check I did showed no problems. When I went back to Santander they said it was a business decision but would not elaborate. Santander are treating their customers very badly and I will be closing the account and withdrawing the £27000 I have in savings with Abbey who are part of...

Santander Cards / False information submitted to Equifax


I had a loan with DFS originally with GE Capital bank that was taken over by Santander Cards. The loan over the last two years was always paid on time. I telephoned in April to check as I knew it finished sometime in the summer and I was told the last payment would go out in July. A payment went out on the 2nd July so I then cancelled my direct debit. On returning from holiday on 14th August I opened a letter to say theat a final payment was still outstanding to Santander. Confused and upset (as I have always paid my bills on time) I telephoned them to be told that Junes had been taken out...

Santander Cards - England, Greater London, LONDON / UNJUSTIFIED CHARGE


I moved home in march and notified all my credit card companies of my new address. I received a letter from SANTANDER CARDS informing me that i was being charged for a late payment! I phoned up SANTANDER CARDS to explain that i had informed them of the change and that the penalty they were charging me was unjustified. The person i spoke to was very rude and not the slightest bit interested of the circumstances. I am closing my account with SANTANDER CARDS and hope never to have dealings with them again.