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Salute Visa Complaints & Reviews

Salute Visa - Montana / Outrageous Scam


I recently received a statment from Salute Visa. They closed my account in Febuary without any notice. They sent me a letter a week later stating they were changing companies and had to close my account without any notice. I had made all my payments on time and before time with Salute. When I first opened my account with them I had to send them a initial payment of $35.00 to open the account. When they closed my account I owed less than $150.00. I made my payment in March of $60.00 out of good faith. Then I got to thinking that here I had paid $35.00 and in the contract it did not say anything...

Salute Visa / Unethical/Unlawful


This credit card company has unethical business practices. It is a company out of India. I moved and provided ALL OF MY CREDIT CARD companies with a change of address to ensure that I receive my statements at my new address. I didn't receive the SALUTE VISA statement. So, I called to pay by phone (so the payment would not be late) but could not get anyone who spoke English on the phone. When I called to DEMAND to speak to someone in ENGLISH to make a payment they kept hanging up on me. One person called me a "racist" when I could not understand them and asked to please speak to someone in...

Salute Visa / Cancellation


I know I am one of many complaints about this egregious act on the company's part. I just received word that all Salute cards were being cancelled yet they were going to charge monthly maintenance fees and yearly fees until all balances were paid off. I know most of us who received these cards did so because of shaky credit ratings, however we do not deserve to be handled in a manner such as this. I have never been late and paid minimum or over and had my limit raised many times. They charge us outrageous fees and add-ons that we have all paid whether we liked it or not because we signed...

Salute Visa - Arizona / card closure and false payments

Just got a call yesterday about a payment being "returned" to them. Only my account doesn't show that. What is shows is a payment recieved, and two months worth of fees and dues that I wasn't told about. They also said that they wouldn't send me an ITEMIZED statement and that the statement I'd been recieving was the only one I'd get. I looked them up online and found out that after 8 months when you're supposed to get a better interest rate, everyone has been having their card cancelled instead. Guess what came in the mail for me today? A cancellation letter!!! So...

Salute Visa - New Jersey, Bogota / fraud

after 4 month of oppening the salute credir card; the program was terminatate. it happen to be termenated after they charged me the 150$ yearly fee. I've always payed my bill on time and sometime way before due date. Salute raised my credit limits just so they can charge the 150$ yearly fee. So, i've googled the company's problem and i found out that they are under invetigation by the federal goverment for fraud. i'm very upset abd angry because i fowled Salute terms and conditions also their rules, but i was F... (be aware and carful)