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Rynga Complaints & Reviews

Rynga / taking money from my account without any course

Jul 31, 2019

Yesterday 30th of July, I received alert from my bank that the sim of 10.42 euro was deducted from my account in Naria currency equivalent for the purchase of Rynga which I did not initiate and did not get the benefits. Is this a scam? And I saw a lot of complaints from people who had same issue.. User name: treasureiyke Email: [protected] Card number: [protected] Card name: ikechukwu ike Epx date: 12/20

Rynga / credit not found

Aug 06, 2012

sir we baught credit for 10 euros for rynga account on 1/8/2012 from our credit card by name of alok jain credit card no. [protected] hdfc bank master card. indian time 8:05 am. and the payment code was 057444 in luxemberg at . the payment was baught for alokjain67 (rynga account). please see where has this credit gone and kindly debit into my rynga account thanks alok jain mo: +91 [protected]