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Rush Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Rush Fitness - North Carolina, Greensboro / fraud

Jul 24, 2012

These fitness club promised so much in beginning...i took 3 month membership(month to month) and paid in full..they started ripping me off with extra month bill deduction from my CC without asking me..called their toll free number and she tells me you have 2 year when i went to club to cancel my membership i found out they included on guy for a free roll for one month and i dont even know..also they denied refunding 54 dollars

Rush Fitness / Rude staff,

Aug 31, 2011

Do not join RUSH fitness. The sales staff will tell you anything to get your cash and a signature. They will tell you that they will refund your un-used personal training sessions at any time if you change your mind. NOT TRUE. I was re-located last March 2011 to a locale 2 hours from a Rush. I called them and stopped my bank draw. The club was so crowded and childcare never available anyway. I dropped off proof which they later denied getting. Then I mailed letters to the corporate office. Now I get collection calls, asking for $50.00+, when they owe me hundreds for unused personal training ...

Rush Fitness - Tennessee, Chattanooga / Cheat and lie


I tried to fix this too many times, and I will explain to you my bad experience that I had with this gym. I went to this gym to start working out. One of the managers took me around and gave me a tour explaining all the good things about the gym and then we sat down and he took all my information and asked me to sign a form to approve to take the monthly payment from my account. I used the gym for a few months and I paid my membership for the duration I used the gym. Then I lost my job and I went to the gym to try to cancel my membership, and the manager told me that if I wanted to cancel it I had...

Rush Fitness / Scam and cheating


I heard radio ads for the Rush fitness center offering 50% off the joining fee and a years free membership dues. Sounded too good to be true and against my better nature I went to have a look. Of course it was too good to be true, you have to sign up for 3 years to get the additional free year. But they had me on site. Decided to give it a try and asked if I could join for two months to see if I like it and make a longer term commitment if I did. No problem it's just a higher fee of $59 / month for month to month membership. I duly paid my joining fee and two month membership. Worked out...