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RunLocal Locksmith Complaints & Reviews

RunLocal Locksmith - Texas, Plano / Illegal Criminal Practice In Plano


Quoted us $29 dollars to show up and scared my wife into authorizing over $300 in charges. The thug they sent out is violent and threatened my wife into giving him what he wanted. They used the word "local", we know now they are undoubtedly not in Plano or Texas or possibly the U.S. for that matter. We did call the local, state and federal police and file reports. We are going to follow up with this, we don't put up with this kind of thing here in Plano. Hopefully someone else sees this and is smarter because of it. J.

RunLocal Locksmith / outrage price, dishonest website


Huge discrepancy of their real charge compared to those on their website. My old lock stopped working, and I could not open door after walk dog tonight. I did not even bring cell phone. My neighbor checked internet very quickly and helped me call RunLocal Locksmith, because they claim $29.95 service fee and no extra charge for nights. But when the locksmith came, he said that $29 is just for him to come. He charged $130 for opening the door. He took my old lock off very quickly, and I had to let him change a new lock, otherwise I would have no lock for tonight. His installation fee is $80, and...

RunLocal Locksmith - New York, New York / Unauthorized billing


This company claims that they will beat any price and says they charge only $29 for a re-key. Then they get to your house. For me they charged $29 for the service call, $169 for new installation, $188 for two new locks, a re-key charge of $65, and labor for $75. I'm a young woman, living on her own and was unsure what the price should be so I did pay it. I understand that my money has gone down the drain, but I think these people need to be put out of business and reported so that others do not get taken advantage of like me. This economy is hard enough to survive in, but to have people like this thriving off of it by scamming innocent people is not right.