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run-local-locksmith Complaints & Reviews

run-local-locksmith - Wisconsin, Milwaukee Area / Outrageous Prices When They Arrive


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! I blame myself for not searching further before agreeing to have them come out. I foolishly locked my keys in my car, of course, on a morning when I really needed to be somewhere. I called Run-Local-Locksmith. They said the charge was $29 plus the technician's labor. They said the technician would give me the estimate when he arrived. I asked the average labor charge and they said $45. I thought the $74 was high but agreed. they said the tech would be there within 30 minutes. After 50 minutes I called the tech who said he was driving to me and would be another...

run-local-locksmith / outrageously high prices + false advertising,


Never use that scam ! That national company, advertises low service fee ($29), and prices 10% to 25% lower than local locksmiths. The word"local" in its name lends to think they can be trusted. I needed a simple pair of Kwikset locks on my apprtment door unlocked, my spare keys were in the appartment. i got their tel # from a friend who saw the low price advertisement The technician insisted against my better judgement that he had to change the 2 locks, charged me $336 for it, which I paid since I was desperate to get to work. I called several real local locksmiths 2 days later and put a stop...