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May 29, 2014

I am a free member of and I am totally dependent of any work from home websites because I am disabled and not receiving disability or any other income. I am unable to log onto the site because it has been removed from the server. Usually this happens when the website owner fails to make their monthly payments. This means that if they are unable to keep their payments for their site up than they must not be paying the members like me. I am glad that I did not upgrade because this is the third website I have worked on that has been removed from the server. I also had this happen with a couple sites such as, Three Dollar and / about payment

Jul 25, 2013

Hi adm, I am a free member of their conditon after 60 to 90 days sent payment after submit of payment request..There are four pament request(20000 x 4) pending which last one is 140+ days but they have sent no payment.When i sent email to them on this subject they reply me an auto mail wich ignor main subject.Please take a proper measure in this matter and help me to get payment.