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rockinmemories4u / company is selling fraudulent autographs

Jan 30, 2014

This company is selling fake autographs on guitars, albums and other items. I feel bad for all of the customers that have purchased from this company. They offer signed albums from dead rock musicians such as the beatles, the doors, and others. I compared what they are offering to a company known as autographs america or as they call themselves now autographnetwork. Both are selling items with the same stock pictures. Autographsnetwork is run by a crook named Brian Burke. I justed wanted to put the word out to collectors. Beware of this company. I have attached pictures of some of the fake items that are being sold on rockinmemories4u

rockinmemories4u / selling fake autographs

Jan 30, 2014

We have bought 3 items from this company only to find out that they are not authentic. They have over 400 items for sale including a doors album and a signed beatles album. I have attached pictures of the beatles and the doors. This needs to stop, they did not refund the money and the sale was too old to do a charge back. At this point all we want is to let the public know about this company and help to get them taken off of ioffer. I did research on the items and found the stock pictures to be the same as the stocki pictures on That company is already a well known fraud company, which I still do not know how are still selling on the web. Please let the public know about this . thanks