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Rockin P Quarter Horses Complaints & Reviews

Rockin P Quarter Horses - Oklahoma, Porum / Misrepresented horse


This is a warning for anyone looking to purchase a horse from Casey Palmer or Jodi Bagwell of Porum, Oklahoma. They also list themselves out of Dallas, Texas and even occasionally in California. They are d.b.a. (doing business as) Rockin P Quarter Horses or Casey Palmer advertised a 12 year old kid safe horse on the website and also on (unsure of any other websites he may have used also). I contacted him and spoke with him about the mare. I let him know that this was going to be the first pony for a 7 year old child. He assured...

Rockin P Quarter Horses - Illinois, Porum / Horse scam!


To whomever wrote "there are always two sides to every story." First off, you are absolutely right... there are two sides to every story. That being said, I'd love to hear Casey's side of the story. I'd love to hear why the horse the he knew I was coming by to look at was not to be found. I'd love to know why we weren't able to see the horse. I'd love to know why he never told us the horse we had driven so far to see was acting up so bad that we couldn't see it. I'd love to know why we never found out through phone calls that same morning or the...

Rockin P Quarter Horses - Oklahoma, Porum / Fraud and Deceit


Notice to all horse buyers: Beware of purchasing any horse from Casey Palmer and/or Jodi Bagwell, doing business as Rockin P Quarter Horses ( out of Porum, Oklahoma, but also doing business in Texas and California. Mr. Palmer and Ms. Bagwell are by far the most deceitful horse brokers you will ever meet. Deceittful to the point of endangering the lives of children. I found a horse (black gelding) that he had for sale on and I called him regarding this horse. The ad stated the horse was kidbroke and bombproof and Mr. Palmer assured me that he wa...