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RNB2 Photography Complaints & Reviews

RNB2 Photography - Michigan, Brighton / Perverted Scam Artist

Oct 2, 2012

Think twice before ever working with Robert Brige and RBN2 Photography in Brighton, Michigan. This "photographer" is only out to make money off nude/topless photos of the girls he manipulates. He does his best to make girls feel comfortable with he first few shoots, but quickly pressures young women into removing their clothes for his collection. Leter he sells these photos online to underground marketplaces and profits from it, all while ruining these young girls reputation. Don't fall victim to this scam artist who's only true goal is to create smut for his own profit.

RNB2 Photography - Michigan, Metro Detroit / SEX SCAM


BEWARE this PERVERT! This Low Life says that he will help models get their career going, but he just pressures young girls into posing nude and then tries to have sex with them. He did this to me and I have met many other models that he has done this to as well. He also invites young girls to perform for several Cam Girl Sex sites. He should be arrested.