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RLA Inc. Complaints & Reviews

RLA Inc. - Ohio / magazine subscription fraud


On August 29, 2008 I ordered a magazine subscription from 2 college students who were selling them to win a trip. The receipt they gave me had the address of RLA Inc. in Aubrey, Texas and the name of the sales company was Kenmore sales Co. It said on the receipt to wait 120 - 160 days for my first subscription. I waited about 30 days past that, and when I still had no magazine; I called RLA (972-347-2626). I was informed that it had been sent to the publisher and I should wait 2 more weeks. Well I waited until today (7/24/2009) and called back. I spoke to a woman named Tissa K. She told me to...

RLA Inc. / Fraud and cheating


A young 'college student' came and sold my husband a magazine subscription and he gave him $20.00 in cash and wrote a check for the other $25.00. This company needs to be brought to justice, to have these young kids come out and sell us magazine subscriptions ruins it for the companies that are running and selling products and helping rcollege kids that are legitimate. I have bought from a college kids like this before and I received my books, as a matter of fact, he delivered them himself about a month later. RLA needs to pay for what they are doing. People work very hard for what they have and want. Something they are not doing.

RLA Inc. - Texas, Aubrey / Terrible experience


On 5/28/08 a young man, (Rich Poole) came around door to door selling magazines. He talked his way in and proceeded to sit on the floor and chat about his family and played with my dog, he was simply a very nice and polite young man. He showed me where my neighbors purchased magazines to help him win a trip overseas and started showing me the magazines and asking what I liked. I rattled off several magazines, none of which he had, but he was persistent. Finally I decided on 'Prevention'. I have seen the magazine in the doctors office and really like it, so I figured why not. Plus it...

RLA Inc. - Texas, Aubrey / Fraudulent Company


A young lady, by the name of "Nikki Willis", if that was her real name, came to my door selling magazines in hope of winning a trip out of the country. I made a purchase of $40.00 and have yet to receive my product. I called the company only to find out that the number had been changed to a talk line. If anyone from this company comes to your door selling magazines..don't fall for it!

RLA Inc. - Texas, Aubrey / Awful experience


I had two young girls come to my door selling magazines to earn points for a trip to Europe, they were very very pushy but it seemed they were honest at the time. I went ahead and made an order for one magazine and when I was going to write the check they pleaded with me to pay with cash! I foolishly wrote the check and now I know it was a scam as the magazine has not arrived. They were on my doorstep on 8/6/2008. The sales company was Kenmore and the one girl's name was Allie Rushing. The fact that they tried to insist on cash is what made me start to question the whole thing! They said they earned more points if they got cash...