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RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company Complaints & Reviews

RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company / pall mall light 100's

Apr 03, 2019

This is a follow-up to my previous grievance a couple weeks ago. I am a bit Shocked that in all of this time since the initial post. I have not received any attempt(s) from "R.J. Reynolds". Not one! Can I expect to hear back from you one of your representatives? Or should I just; "bite the bullet on this one", switch back to Marlboro light 100's? & move on with my life... Thankyou & I hope to hear back from you A.S.A.P. Sincerely T&D.

RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company / camel crush menthol silver cigarettes

Dec 16, 2017

I purchased this pack of cigarettes in Orange County, California. Purchased a couple days ago, mid-December 2017. Problem: After smoking some I noticed that a lot are splattered with something red. It looks like dried blood. It's on the inside of the pack and on the filters of the cigarettes. Product information: # on the bottom: 6FJ71D8 # in the barcode: 0 123943 9