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RJ Reynolds Complaints & Reviews

RJ Reynolds / newport cigarettes

Aug 07, 2019

For over a year now I have spent thousands of dollars on Newport cigarettes that don't light, have a bad taste, burn midway causing the entire cigarette to burn from that point outwards, or don't stay light at all. RJ Reynolds has been contacted multiple times about these issues as well as cigarettes with less than half the tobacco in them and clumps that burn unevenly. All I get is the runaround and their clams that they appreciate their customers. They offer little to no compensation for the tons of money they get from their customers. At $90.00 a carton, I'm not sitting back and taking it...

RJ Reynolds - New Hampshire, Center Conway / camel menthol wides

Oct 11, 2018

My name is Erik Ames I live in Conway nh. I purchased at least 8 to 10 packs of cigarettes from state line convenience store. Last 8 to 10 packs have been loosely packed with tobacco and completely burn up when you lite them. I have smoked the same cigarettes for many years and never had this problem. Lot number on pack is 3bf80a1. Don't understand what the problem is. My email address is [protected] thank you Erik Ames also bar code is [protected]

RJ Reynolds - Kentucky, Salyersville / camel crush blue

Sep 05, 2018

I have complained about this same problem several times, as I see many others with the same problem! Ever since Camel Crush was changed I end up with at least 4 cigs per pk and I buy 2 pks daily that are completely empty up by the filter or the fire will fall out of them completely... I have smoked Camel crush blue for 9 years and ONLY CAMEL CRUSH ! I just think if we pay this much money for your product you as the company should keep us happy at any cost, I mean really WE pay YOUR salaries!!! I hope this matter is resolved quickly and soon ... Thank You & Best Wishes

RJ Reynolds / new (2018) camel 99 design

Mar 07, 2018

I love your cigarettes. Pretty solid manufacture design. What i don't love, is that you're trying to reinvent the wheel with them. I have a habit that im sure many million smokers across the states (and many more worldwide) of putting my cigarette out partway. I have never had an issue breaking them in doing so up till your most recent design. It seems your marketing team has opted to save a few pennies by using a lower quality paper. I'd stab a guess at something to with less paper burning for a richer, cleaner burning, better tasting tobacco. And I get that. But honestly, the gains from thi...

RJ Reynolds / camel 99s

Jan 24, 2018

I buy a carton of camel 99s a week and this last carton had some packs in it that were patched together. I don't know how you guys do things there but this is [censor]! Looks to me as if they made camel 99s out of camel butless. Here are pictures to show what I'm talking about.☹️☹️☹️☹️ I would like a quick response to this matter cause if not after this carton I'm switching BACK to Marlboro, I don't want to it cost me more money but I can't stand for patch work...