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Jun 21, 2014

I andre gaines worked from 10pm to 5am and a text came in saying that 18.94was taken from me by a website that im not even a member of dont how they did but ima need them to put my hard earned money back where they took it from. And nobody has my card im the only one that can authorize it and i did not authorize this charge. / I was ripped off

Apr 04, 2014

i was mislead. i saw two ringtone options that i liked and decided to purchase. an hour later i checked the balance on my mastercard and there was 17.00 taken by I have emailed them at least 5 times asking very politely to refund my card, but, they would email me back and tell me there was confusion and my subscription has been cancelled. i just want my money back. I know it may not be alot to you but its alot to me . Thank you very much / cant cancel order

Apr 13, 2013

they are charging my account $17.94 to be able to download music and wallpapers to your phone, so far i have not been able to download anything but thay are taking money out of my account and i am not able to cancel out my order with them because they dont provide you with any information to cancel your order. if you call them you only talk to a machine and it is very brief and hangs up. I think this is a scam once you in you cant get out!!! / cannot cancel my subscription

Apr 01, 2013

I've tried to cancel my subscription a bunch of time toc give you directions how to do it and it just won't go through. keep taking me back to the page even after I sign in and put in my password and there's no option to cancel. . / Can't reach customer service to cancel service

Mar 01, 2012

Try to cancel subscription with 15 minutes. Web browers would not work to send emal to stop my payment.