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Riddexplus Complaints & Reviews

Riddexplus / Scam


I didn't really know if it worked until recently when I ran into a mouse in my kitchen. Going to my backdoor. This was one of the reasons I bought the product. I should've known not to trust anything from TV. No I can't get my money back. No wonder they give you two for the price of one!! A cheap mess!! Scam Scam scam! It does not work people! If you are considering buying this product, it's a waste of time. I think I had more centipedes in my house this year than ever. A Waste!

Riddexplus / Unauthorized charges


I purchased the RIDDEX product on 8-30-2008 paid for express shipping. The charged my credit card right away. Sent my order to another address not even in the same town we live in. When I called after 3 weeks of waiting they told me there was nothing they could to help me because they sent it out to an address even though it wasn't my fault it was a computer error on their end. Then told me maybe the address that it was sent to might return it and they might be able to figure out who it belonged to. And re-ship it. This is crazy and these people need to be stopped