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RezXtra Complaints & Reviews

RezXtra / over charged for free sample and additional monthly charges

Jj advertised on their website a free sample for 99 cents plus postage. I agree to allow my account to be charged one time for the sample, however, they charged my account $86.87 for the sample and place me on a monthly charge plan. My bank notified me. I tried to contact Rezxtra to cancel; I was placed on hold; they never return to the phone to respond. My bank called Rezxtra and they also were unable to get a response. Thus far Rezxtra has made two unauthorized charges to my account and I'm still attempting to contact them. I've made a complaint to consumers affairs.

RezXtra - Missouri, Saint Louis / product & charges are a scam


Product is not a diet supplement --does nothing! Recieved a shipment --was charged $89.00 called to cancel and return for a refund and was told they DO NOT give refunds because (small print) I agreed to purchase. Anyone out there don't be fooled by the "FREE TRIAL" no such thing! The customer Service Department is not helpful at all that is if you can even get through without be disconnected. Don't be fooled if it sounds to good to be true remember IT IS!

RezXtra - Missouri, St Louis / deceptive practices


NUMBER FOUR Health Aid, RezXtra from Canadian-Based MedsXtra, a Bitter Pill St. Louis BBB, Aug. 27, 2009 - A Canadian health supplement business that uses a St. Louis County company to distribute its “fountain of youth” pills across the U. S. is under fire from angry customers who say they are being charged for products they don’t want. The BBB urges that customers be cautious when dealing with RezXtra, the Toronto-based MedsXtra which offers the pill, and a related British company called Net Natural Ltd. The RezXtra Web site describes the product as “America’...

RezXtra - Ontario / fraud charges


I ordered a free trial bottle of the rezxtra. got it late. Took it only a few days and discovered that I have a severe reaction to it. checked my bank to discover they were taking 90 dollars out of my account for the 'free' bottle. Called to let them know of the severe reaction but they refuse to give me back any but half of the money. I did not authorize the 90 dollars. I am now having to see an infection control doctor with no results to stop the burning of my internal organs. They had no concern whatsoever that I am suffering from this. I am furious, and want everyone to know what...

RezXtra / Unwanted order


Somehow when ordering a Viseo Professor product, This product must have been attached. On 7/29 I received a bottle of Rezxtra pills, which I never ordered, and when I called I got a recording saying I had to return them in 14 days or they would charge my card 79 dollars. And that I needed an RMA to do so I have been calling the number for the past 4 days to get the RMA so I can return You never get a person and I have left nine messages with no response. Sometimes you just get the box is full I hate these scams. Can anyone help me with this Watch out..out there on the web.