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Revol Wireless Complaints & Reviews

Revol Wireless - Ohio / This product is useless.

Sep 8, 2013

Giving any money to this company is basically a more frustrating way of flushing money down the toilet. They advertise themselves as a cheaper option than other carriers--and it's technically true--but what they neglect to mention is that their product is much cheaper than other companies because it barely works. The reception is absolutely god awful; even when you're in a density populated urban or suburban area, don't expect to get reliable service anywhere, at any time, because chances are you won't unless you're outside, away from any buildings or tall trees. My...

Revol Wireless - Ohio, Cleveland / Warranty does not exist

Dec 13, 2012

I have been with revol FOREVER way back to northcoast. any way. I have insurance on my phone cause I know accidents happen every now and then. well I brought the new Galaxy S phone about 2 weeks ago yes $300. while i was on my phone the screen just went black. I took the battery out tried pulling in up everything nothing worked. the phone still ringed and i can hear messages coming in but could not see anything or press any thing the screen was completely black. I took the phone into the corporate offices buckeye and Carnegie. which they both informed me they could not do nothing to help me...

Revol Wireless - Indiana, Indianapolis / Cell Phone Service Horrible-SCAM

Apr 13, 2011

I purchased two phones b/c I thought the $74 for unlimited phone/text was a good deal. I live on the Southside of Indianapolis in New Whiteland, IN so I thought the service would be good. The coverage map showed all green around my area. I bought the phones and within two miles from the store, I couldn't make a call, lost signal three times and all static on the lines. I turned around and went back to the store and told them the phones weren't working very good. They made a call to the phones in which the phones worked there, so they said the phones were o.k. I said I can't go a...

Revol Wireless - Ohio / Nationwide coverage is false


This is not to report a horrible customer service with Revol, if you have not figured that out already you soon will. You basically get what you paid for so do not expect too much in terms of customer service. However Revol wireless advertises as "you can travel nationwide and still receive calls" which is not true. I have traveled to NYC & Chicago and my phone kept showing "searching signal" message all times. Calls directly go to your invoice message. Be aware if you are traveling outside your local area and still expect to receive calls. Canceling the service also turns out to be painful, I...

Revol Wireless / Overcharged


I seen the ad on television for revol wireless. ad states $30.00 of a new phone. first month of service free. well the phones are over priced by about $50.00 each. and the only way to get your first month free is to buy a new phone from them. what a bunch of liars. there should be a law against advertising lies like this. Then on top of all those charges and lies. they charge you another $35.00 to activate the overpriced phone. plain and simple. they are liars and cheats. another company out to get the poor working man. in times like these. you would think the companies would have a little passion. but not them. just like all the other ripoffs. just out for the money. and lies make me sick.

Revol Wireless - Indiana, Avon / miss leading to make a sale


Called a Revol Wireless local company to find out about thier plans and services particularly about the ptt ( push to talk ) service was told they have that service on the phone I was being told about.. Went to the store purchased two phones and paid the activation fee only to get the phones home to find out they had given me a T mobile customers cell phone number... Called customer service they issued a new number.. then started working on putting the information onto the new phones.. Went to do the ptt couldnt get it to work... called the store back again to get assistance... Store manager...

Revol Wireless - Ohio / Customer Service


You get what you pay for, with Revol that equates to cheap phone service and horrible customer care relations. How are they still in business? They prey on the needs of those who can't afford mobile phone service with the larger carriers. What happened? I called their customer service line in September because I broke my phone; I was told that I didn't have insurance. I called again to inquire about a text I got from them offering 2 phone lines for $74; I was told I already had that plan, and no insurance. I just called again tonight, and guess what; I have been paying for...