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Retail / co-worker

Aug 18, 2011

I would like advice on how to address a situation at work regarding a co-worker. I work in a large retail chain and will not mention the name for obvious reasons. This co-worker has admitted to me he has been buying our items on clearance, and then going straight across the street to Walmart and returning them for their full retail price. Since Walmart does not require a receipt for returns and refunds, he has been making a lot of money doing this and they apparently have not been smart enough to catch on to what he's been doing. I know this is not illegal, but it is very unethical and I feel...

Retail - Ohio, Cincinnati / Bad Behavior with associates


Employed at Dillard’s at Tri-county Mall Cincinnati, Ohio 7/7/2007 thru 10/03/2009 Working for a company with a hostile environment, from the beginning of my journey with Dillard’s Co. which non other goes by Higby Co. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. During my time there was to be courteous to the customers, accumulated sales, and open charges which I executed to do and exceeded what I was being said. I was told that if in default my credit openings amounts would help bring my sales up. If needed. I had always made my quota, in which one year I was told I was a...