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residential customer Complaints & Reviews

residential customer - New York, Greene / Delivery

Jul 29, 2016

I live in Terrace Hill Drive in Greene NY. It is a little dead end street. The FedEx drivers seem to think that it is a highway. The go 60mph up and down the street and it is at most a 30mph street. The one almost hit me because he was looking down at his paperwork instead on the road. Can this please be address asap

residential customer - Pennsylvania / 2 appointments made ,no show by Peco


I always pay my bills on time. This months bill was estimated, so they say. I called and shceduled for them to come out and check the gas meter for Saturday 3/29/2008 between 7am and 12 Pm. They never showed. Spoke with manager Sharon Hampton, she rescheduled for Thursday 5/3/2008 after 5 pm. I took the evening off from work for that day. On tuesday 4/1/2008 I called Sharon to confirm for thursday. She said it was all set. On Thursday, Laskeetia from Peco called me to set up appointment. I said I have one for today after 5pm. She said no way, it was never authorized. Who do they think they are...